Stephanie Boertjes- Principal 

Monique Shubert–  ELA 7-9, Food & Nutrition 8, Child Studies 9, Art 7

Jimmie White- Physical Education P-9, Tech Ed 8-9, Health 7

Sarah Doucet–  7-9 Math,  Science 7 & 9

Sarah Porter- Grade 2/3, Science 8, Social Studies 7,8, Citizenship 9, Healthy Living 9

Rhea Fisher - French 4-9, Music P-6

Ashley Fletcher– P-9 Resource, LD, Reading Recovery

Sarah MacDonald- Grade 6

Teresa Dowe – Grade 2/3, Resource

Alisha Brewer - 4/5

Holly Wright – Grade Primary/1

Sherry Patriquin - Healthy Living 9

Melissa Gauthier  - Guidance

Martha Brown – Administrative Assistant/EA/Noon Supervisor

Kathy Taggart - Educational Assistant/Noon Supervisor

Gina Eagles- Educational Assistant/Noon Supervisor

Jenn McLean - Educational Assistant/Noon Supervisor

Christine Ogden-Educational Assistant/ Noon Supervisor

Marie Wilcox - Preprimary Lead ECE

Jennifer Roode - Preprimary ECE- Educational Assistant/Noon Supervisor  - Educational Assistant/Noon Supervisor  - Educational Assistant/Noon Supervisor  

Doreen Martell– Cafeteria

Lisa Sheepwash – Custodian

Nellie McLaughlin– Custodian

Calvin Kennie – Bus Driver

Danny Yorke – Bus Driver

Valerie Yantha– Bus Driver

Librarian -Debbie Clark (Monday and Tuesday)

**Please note that sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances, class composition and teachers are subject to change