Info for Grade 9 students and parents: Options and Opportunities Program at CEC


Options and Opportunities at CEC - O2 Description

Options and Opportunities (O2) is a Nova Scotia high school program offering students a high school experience that helps prepare them for successful transition from high school to the post-secondary education needed to pursue their chosen career paths.

The program focuses on helping students achieve their academic potential, gives direction and support in developing goals and potential career pathways, and encourages students to commit to a new approach to their learning.

O2 provides students with a wide variety of experiences, including multiple opportunities for co-operative education, where students learn in community and workplace settings, link their in-school learning to the workplace, and have the chance to confirm their interest in that career path.

Students are actively engaged in academic courses and are eligible for all post-secondary opportunities including college and university. 

If you have questions please contact Denise Burgess at CEC - or visit the link below: